Dublin GAA Thread

Have you ever thought of writing a Roy Curtis style pub blog entitled “A Pox in all your houses”?

We’ve a play date on Saturday afternoon & Sam’s Mam will need the second space on our driveway. Unfortunately we don’t have a muldoon style one-off house with ample parking for 30 cars. But there’s usually spare parking on Joe Molloy’s driveway if that oven cleaning van that was there yesterday is gone. Fento’s place is an option too provided he’s got his camper van in storage.

Aside from that, if you plan to arrive as early as you would for a game at Anfield, then there should be plenty of space in the tributary streets just north of Collins Avenue East. Stick Killester Park or Killester Avenue into Google Maps & you could park the car there, only 5 minutes from the ground at ambling pace. Or one of the streets beginning with “Clan” although these are knows as “The Clans” & are staunch Craobh Ciarán.

An alternative if you’re close to the bus stop in Dundalk is bus to city centre, stroll from there to Connolly, Tara, Pearse depending on where you alight from bus & take northern bound DART to Killester. Ground is only 5-10 minutes walk from the station. Killester is 2 stops north of Connolly, 3 from Tara & 4 from Pearse.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


Collins Park or Elm Mount Avenue

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Thanks to you all. Much appreciated.

Arrival an hour early, pints of cream are excellent in the clubhouse would be my only advice.

You get a serious class of person drinking pints in ‘The Chraobh’ in the early afternoon.


They will have a nice crowd in supping for the early premier league kick off. Also a strong chance a rollover from a 21st the night before/ funeral/ christening. The queuing system works great there also. A mighty spot

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Thanks Dermo for taking the heat off Kyle.

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How will his previous offences affect this case?

It won’t help

He’s some gobshite still getting involved in this sort of shite at his age.

Section 2 assault is fairly minor though isnt it?

Relatively yeah. District court job most likely.

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Thats very sudden and very sad. A gentleman.


Shane was a key member of the backroom teams under Jim Gavin and Dessie Farrell. A Dub to the core and a thorough gentleman. A huge loss to his family, St Vincent’s and Dublin GAA


Con O’Callaghan midfield.

Dessie is trolling Brolly now

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If hes not in there it solves the problem of not kicking it into him. Smarts from Dessie.

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