Dublin GAA Thread

They had a bit of depth then. There will be no fear of them long term. Football only club. Good tradition and population.


Play on ref

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The league is odd in Dublin in that a lot of teams don’t take it seriously, so effectively they concentrate on a championship they won’t win :man_shrugging:

I don’t think that’s unique to Dublin, surely.

The league is taken more seriously in Dublin than most counties. Division 1 status is valued in both codes. Country lads that have played with us over the years couldn’t get over lads knocking the shite out of each other in a league match in March.


League matches in Laois are used for settling scores.

Actually, so are Championship Matches.

And challenge matches.

And Go Games.



Yeah, that’s what I was led to believe; we have had a couple of players who have played league in Dublin and they said it was a lot more competitive than down here.

It was taken so seriously last year in Football the final wasn’t played.

It used to impact championship status for a long time didn’t it? The likes of Setanta got up senior by winning the league.

I dunno, didnt one team object to it being awarded to the other?

the div. 1 league Final fixture was not fulfilled . Wanting to remain in div 1 doesn’t equate to going all out to win it .

That was unusual circumstances and Kilmacud acted the bollox too. However there is good cut to most league games certainly moreso than most other counties

At one stage yes. Tipp man over them at the time i think

Likes of Mayo and Tyrone the league is considered big news


This will play havoc with the sojourns to holiday homes and villas.