Dublin Pubs - Hall of Fame

Leinster are playing some match on RTE.

Lads where’s the best option near enough to Croker on Sunday that would show the Cork-Limerick match instead of the Dub/Rossies/association soccer?

I’m assuming Hogan/Hideout will have the GAAGo out.

Croke park hotel should have it on somewhere


Brian borus

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It’ll be on in the carvery section of the premium level


Devitts sold for €14m

That was sold 3 or 4 years ago wasnt it ?

Only way to justify that is if you are going knocking it surely?

They better not do that.

Its literally the perfect pub as it is.

Who bought it @Spidey ?

Alan McIntosh - used to be big wig in Cairn Homes. Owns the old storehouse too

I don’t see how it’s worth €14m as a pub though.

You’d be surprised what that place takes in a year.

It would want to be turning over about €14m a year to justify that.

That’s €270k a week. Every week.

That’s a lot of pints.

It’s not like the asset will loose money over night. Your man buying it wasn’t looking behind his couch for the change either to buy it.

Really? Whats the metric for valueing a business for purchase*? Presumably profit margin is key? Aand in this case the property assets.

*genuinely havent a clue and would like to know.

The Limericks will spend a few quid this weekend

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For pubs in Ireland the valuation is generally 4-6 times annual earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation.


Incorrect see my post above

You wouldn’t even know the game Is on in Dublin on Saturday evening.

Every pub is jointed every Saturday night in Dublin regardless what’s on.

Sunday will be busier but nothing compared to when the colleges are back.

Used to be twice turnover back in the day.