Dublin Pubs - Hall of Fame

On the back of Sledgehammers request

The Long Hall
Slatterys (Rathmines)
Dawson Lounge
Kehoes (sometimes)
The Gravediggers

Please add more…

The Cherry Tree

Rody Bolands

The Sackville
Grand Central

Is this is anticipation of the nursefest tonight?

The Jobstown Inn

Jobstown. Scummers.

I suppose so. I’ve only ever been in there a couple of times but always find it a fairly agreeable place, if a little heavy on the boggers and Brits.

Personal fav’s

Porterhouse (Temple Bar)
Quinns after a match
The Slipper
D2 - technically not a pub

J.J Smyths.

D2 (upstairs bar is underrated, love the beer garden)
Jack Birchalls
Cassidys for a good all day session

and of course


D2 (upstairs bar is underrated, love the beer garden)
Jack Birchalls
Cassidys for a good all day session

and of course


The pre-christmas dinner drinks are in Kielys tonite. Do I need to have collars up in there?

Bellamys of Ballsbridge

Not at all Fran. They take you as they find you in Kieleys. Now they might think your a bit of a knack with the collars down but youl be fine, just mention reggie and the lads.

The Palace Bar
The Gingerman
The Foggy Dew
The Lotts
The Hill

Some excellent calls here, most notaly Gills. My favoutite pub. Only opens now on the days when Croke Park is open and that’s enough to keep Robin and his mother Mrs Gill going for the year.Excellent and efficient barstaff who are pleasant and don’t fuck the pints at you as in most CP adjacent pints on match day, the facility to throw on the video of the match again later that evening - which, as a Wexford man is not the most demanded of facilities in the past few years - is good.We generally stay their after matches til 10 or 11 and then hit town

Also got food their one night this summer. We just stayed their long enough til the proprieter got hungry, put on some grub for himself and felt he should share it about. First paying customers to eat their ever I’d say.

other mentions to

  • Jack Birchalls
  • Leeson Lounge
  • Toners
  • Devitts
  • The Royal Oak

I’ve made a new discovery and would tentavily like to add the lower deck by Portobello to this list. Was in there last night after the match, no rush at closing, locals at the bar, finger food supplied a grand pint, reasonably priced. A real gem.

Carters pub list reads like a checklist for knob ends

With the exception of Cassidys which is a grand spot, assuming it’s the camden street one

Is Daniels brother still a bouncer there?

EDIT, sorry I read that as the Portobello itself, not the lower deck which must have changed a lot so since the last time I was there.

The Portobello is a grand spot aswell. It’s where I watched the match. €10 for dinner and a pint