Dublin Pubs - The Hall of Shame

Here’s a few:

The Duke
Ron Blacks
Sam Sara
Cafe en Seine
Q Bar
The Bailey
Down Under at Major Tom’s
Rathmines Inn

EDIT - My Christmas party is in one of those tonight!

Full of festive cheer this morning farmer eh?

Only been in the Bailey once and seemed ok - full of savage women. always enjoyed Down under, Sinnotts and Dakota as well.

I’d add Oliver St John Gogarty to that list. Only place I’ve ever tried to start a row on purpose to get kicked out and barred. Most places in Temple Bar are list worthy. Messers is gone to shite as well.

Harsh on The Duke. I don’t mind that place. Pretty much agreed on the rest of them but some are far worse than others on that list.

But not the only place you’ve started a row in.

The Sidewalk

I suppose it’s a matter of taste really.

Any chance of a pub of the year thread? A bit of positivity wouldn’t go amiss amongst all the negativity.


A fella told me that The Big Tree only open on match days /concerts in Croke Park . Is this true .



That’s a remarkably thick thing to leave a paper trail for


Its a self defeating policy to boot

What pub is it?

Cafe bar

A picture of a picture of a phone on a phone.
It’s like inception.

Where’s that?

Swords I think

Anybody recommend a gastro pub in Dublin on the south side for Friday evening? 5/6 of us.

Go north side to O’Shea’s. @Tassotti swears by it

Ha I know it well but need south side.

Smyths in Ranelagh has a good outdoor set up.

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The GOAT or Millhouse in Stillorgan if your out that way.