Dublin's Disgusting Drug Culture

Last Saturday on a 10pm 78A bus into town I was the only person on the upper deck until a drug dealer joined me in Inchicore Village, offering a sample of every drug under the sun imaginable. I just told this ponce to fook aff and that I didn’t want anything to do with him and his illegal produce.

I thought that was bad until what I witnessed tonight, I was out for a few pints on the quays and decided to catch a Ballyfermot nitelink home from Thomas Street, on the way up St Augustine Street (beside Thomas Street) three drug addicts confronted me. They were in absolute bits over an incident that occurred to them a few minutes before I met them.

I decided not to tell them to fook aff because they didn’t look like the kind of people who would batter me for the craic. My good judgement was right, there was one girl and two fellas in the group all obviously junkies. Within seconds of meeting them the girl balled her eyes out crying to me, I told her to relax and tell me what was wrong. What she told me next shocked me, she was brutally honest with me and told me she was buying heroin off a foreign bloke (I assume his skin colour was different by the account I got). She handed her cash over to him and instead of him giving her drugs in exchange he tried to bite her thumb off, after an unsuccessful attempt, this scum bag legged it, unfortunately he wasn’t caught. The poor girl’s thumb was bleeding all over the place. I told the woman who got bit that she should go down to James’s and get a tetnis immediately, however I doubt she did! I really felt for her.

My experience tonight just showed me how fucked up and horrible this city has become as a result of drugs. The middle class fucking wankers who think coke is cool are highlighted only too much in todays rag media, real junkies from inner city and working class areas that grow up around drugs and crime are totally forgotten. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I look down on scum bags and junkies and I honestly think that I’m better than them, but tonight really shocked and saddened me. The Gardai need to be properly equipped with guns and sent out to catch the real scum of Irish Society, the drug dealers at the forefront of the Irish gangland culture. It’s a sad fact that the poor junkies I met tonight will probably have been arrested and are now spending another night in a cell at the hands of a corrupt and uneducated police force, while the drug dealing scum (like the bastard who bit the poor girl’s thumb) will be living the life in in their Foxrock and other middle class mansions.

Anybody got opinions or grievances on this?

Very interesting post. Did the girl just walk up to you and ask for help or what?
As regards a solution to the drugs problem I’m a bit clueless but I would be very reluctant to arm the gardai.

“Middle class wankers” get the fuck out of it. Nonsense. Big thumbs down from me http://www.thefreekick.com/vbforum/images/icons/icon10.gif

Also the drug dealer sounds like he deserves to die anyway not just because of what he does but what he is.

Sounds about right Ben. Every day at Tara Street I meet the junkies and depressing as they are there’s never even a hint of trouble from them, they’re just zombies at this stage. It’s the dealers that cause the problems.

Good post Ben

Drug dealers are scum. I heard a story about dealers following people home from Metadone clinics and dropping a free sample of heroin in the letter box.

Can you think of a more despicable action?

I can think of something more despicable than giving someone drugs - taking drugs. Morons.

Benjamin needs a spliff to calm down.

I had a great laugh at that, Ayyyyeeee Benjamin.

One of the best posts I ever read Ben and well put together at 4 in the morning. The drug dealers are fooking scum and should be dealt with it.

I blame the parents

The girl just came up to me asking me for help yes. I offered to call an ambulance but she didn’t want to go to James’s for fear that she’d get arrested by telling the medics what happened.

Flano, your worse than a damp tabloid paper at times! I never said anything bad about the middle class, I simply said that the media give too much atttention to middle class drug takers instead of focusing on the working class problem.

Middle class people taking drugs are morons, however people living in working class areas sometimes are not given the choice. If you are born into a working class area to a family that takes drugs and doesn’t give you a loving upbringing, chances are you’ll end up an addict. I live in a dreadful area for hard drug abuse, however I was lucky enough to have good parents and a loving home. Unfortunately not every home in working class areas is like mine, a lot of children are born without a chance. Middle class children don’t usually come in contact with drugs until their teens, when they know the difference between right and wrong, they are idiots for getting into the culture!

Drugs make me feel good. I like to feel good

[quote=“BenShermin”] she didn’t want to go to James’s for fear that she’d get arrested by telling the medics what happened.

Medic: what happened to you

girl: some scummer tried to bite my finger off

that’s all she would have had to say

they can’t arrest her for being a junkie (although they should)!