Dundalk info thread

Have never been to this place. Always considered it to be a shithole.

Am in the process of applying for a job there, which has already led the Mrs to believing I will get said job (I haven’t even put in the application, let alone actually get selected for interview - I’d imagine there’ll be 30/40 applicants for just one position).
Would you want your head examined to Live there?

You could live in Fingal mate and commute there. The lads on here would be delighted to take you into their clique.

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Not really . The town isn’t great but overmaligned. You are near the Cooley peninsula which is fabulous and almost unknow . Also you are near the mourne mountains . Newry is about 15 miles away .

1 hour from BAC too .

Could be worse TBH .


Not at all. You could move to beautiful Armagh and commute from there.

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SOLD. Thanks chaps. Now
I just need to get it!

my mates wife lives in Feltrim and commutes, I would know a good few that work in Coke and commute from Malahide

Once you are close to the M1 it should be ok to live in Fingal and commute, toll is €1.90 ew


If the job is in Boylesports then don’t even apply. If it’s anywhere else then go for it. Town is a bit odd and suffers a bit from being so close to the border. Plenty of decent places to live in the town but much nicer places within an hour’s drive as the lads have said.


I’ve always found Dundalk to be a decent place and many of the folk are good craic. Lots of beautiful places nearby, including Fingal obviously. I’d say go for it. It’ll be an experience you won’t forget anyway.


It’s not
Cc @Mac

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I couldn’t live with that Dundalk accent all around me. I’ve always found people from Louth to be sly and devious.
If you had to live there I’d live in blackrock (Louth version) just outside Dundalk nice little seaside town

A pint bottle of McArdle’s Ale is grand .

Was at a wedding there before. Gorgeous spot.

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Ya don’t know what it’d be like to live there but its good for a day

Showed the Mrs this place on google images (cc @Julio_Geordio) and she wants to move there. I repeat that I’ve yet to even submit the job application, and like @Bandage, she relies on her life partner to drive her around so it doesn’t seem ideal


I find Dundalk a bit iggledy piggledy, ring roady and spread outy. I don’t like the business park where the cinema is. I find the lack of a proper main street unsatisfactory. It’s a dreary kind of place in my view. Don’t move there, @caulifloweredneanderthal.

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Bloody hell she’s easy going. She sees a google image of a street in Dundalk and she wants to drop her current life and move there. I wish my one was like that but no way will she leave Limerick. I’d love to go abroad or even somewhere like West Kerry, West Clare, West Mayo but I can’t see it ever happening with her.

Regarding Dundalk i’d think very carefully about moving there, unless you can’t overlook this job.

Ye must live in some shithole now if she’s mad to move to Dundalk mate

To clarify (cc @Smark), she’s interested in moving to the nearby seaside village of Blackrock.

And yes, I do live in a shithole. It’s called Limerick mate


Is that where Tommy Byrne the racing driver came from?