Dundee United v Celtic

Few changes for Celtic today with Rogne and Loovens returning from injury.

  • 01 Boruc

  • 02 Hinkel

  • 22 Loovens

  • 25 Rogne

  • 03 Naylor

  • 46 McGeady

  • 06 N’Guemo

  • 08 Brown

  • 15 Kamara

  • 07 Keane

  • 10 Fortune


  • 24 Zaluska,
  • 12 Wilson,
  • 48 O’Dea,
  • 52 Caddis,
  • 17 Crosas,
  • 09 Samaras,
  • 55 McGowan

All Dundee United so far.

Thomas Rogne’s first game since he went off injured at Ibrox after having an excellent first half. He’s looked very commanding and composed in his few starts so far. They’re exerting a bit of pressure all right but we’re having some play ourselves - lovely move earlier involving Hinkel, Brown and a beautiful dummy by Keane.

Yeah Rogne has been impressive. Hasn’t put a foot wrong and has got stuck in.

They hada a couple of half chances around the time I was making the first post Bandage, since then we’ve been comfortable but still don’t look all that inventive with the ball.

Ah lovely. Good strong finish from Kamara. Think Fortuné’s pass was intended for Keane but no harm. Good run from Kamara. He’s been ok so far today even though I still don’t like him out wide.

Cracking finish. :clap:

Very good goal that after a concerted piece of possession. Good sense of determination about us.

Ah fuck hope this isn’t a regular thing with Rogne.

Give him the summer to get right now. No point rushing him back before enxt season.

Ah fuck that. Rogne’s broken down again after again showing that he’s an excellent prospect. He had a lot of injuries in Norway too so I hope he’s not going to be injury prone in the long term. Needs to go off and work hard in the close season.

Fortuné has one awful first touch. When he gets teh ball under control he looks like he has good feet but his first touch is dreadful most of the time. And his decision making is fairly shite too.

His second touch is usually a tackle.

How retarded is the ‘Thierry Henry’ chant that’s being directed at Keane and McGeady? Super elastico by Aiden there - the one that Ronaldinho learned from him when we played Barca quite a bit in recent years.

Loovens and Rogne both return from prolonged spells out with injury only go off injured again. What the fook is going on with our medical staff? Shaun Maloney has been out for 6 months with a sore foot too. This is a joke. Mark Wilson on now to play centre half - cue a raft of long balls being launched into our box and possible carnage ensuing.

It’s frustrating that McGeady can’t play this well all the time. Superb play again there.

A great penalty by the Celtic “player of the year”

Good performance by Celtic today - they’re a difficult enough proposition at home but we were strong physically and played some decent football. The two in central midfield were as good as they have been as a pairing all season and most of the players contributed positively. Kamara took his goal excellently and Keane and McGeady were class throughout. Keane’s movement, intelligence and link up play is a complete joy to behold - a footballer of outstanding quality. :clap:

mcgeady has really come on since I put the boot in here & is once again in the top 10 players of the world

nguemmo won the battle with gomez

i predict the treble next year

[quote=“Bandage, post: 459990”]
Keane’s movement, intelligence and link up play is a complete joy to behold - a footballer of outstanding quality. :clap:
[/quote]Chalk it down!

Very good performance alright and the midfield were strangely effective.

There’s still plenty wrong - not least the fact that we ended up with Wilson, O’Dea and Naylor as 3 of the back 4, but there’s a bit more determination about them now defensively and with Keane up front goals always look likely.

This is fucking hilarious - check out the brief highlights of the bounce Huns-Celtic reserve game from the other day and the 3 Celtic penalty claims the ref denied. :lol: