Dundee United v Celtic ☘

CCV returns. Taylor back.

Johnston starts ahead of Abada.

Very bright start. One terrible offside decision already.

this is a huge game

sadly my kids are playing minecraft and im stuck here for updates



That is a stunning goal.

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Wand of a left foot :heart_eyes:

IRAoke here

Great goal


No idea how Turnbull doesn’t score there

Those are not lights for a Christmas tree :ronnyroar:

Scotch defending there

We should be at least three up here. Need to take more of these chances.

Same old story.

Lovely take from Turnbull there.

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An agricultural take of the Di Canio goal at Pittodrie.


What a fucking ball

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That’s really well taken. Turnbull has made some terrific runs today. McGregor is releasing the ball much earlier today and they’re getting caught out all the time

I :heart: The Wizard when he’s on it.

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