Dundee Utd v Celtic

Potentially our strongest eleven at our disposal :four_leaf_clover:

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It’s a fair squad depth for the SPL that.

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That’s a fine strong bench too

Sam missiles in the sky

Didn’t have it as a penalty myself. Unbelievable what they do overturn though when its Celtic involved

I don’t think the keeper necessarily fouled Kyogo but Smith forces him into the contact with a shove that they just ignored.

I think Johnston has been a bit disappointing so far. Not doing enough with the ball and not making overlapping runs to create space.

Playing well in general though. Goal must be on the way.

His touch has been off a but today. Unsure if thats down to the Tannadice surface though


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He did well to squeeze that in, keeper got lost though

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That’s poor goalkeeping

Penalty surely? He shouldn’t need to call the ref over

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Stone wall.

That’s a pen


Love the lyrics to the Mooy song

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Thought he wasn’t even going to give that :laughing:

Refs get things wrong all the time. It’s just that collum repeatedly gets things wrong to suit sevco.

It was only a cameo but thought Oh was impressive today. Strong and mobile and that was a tremendous cross he put in at the end.

Goal clips please, pal.