Easter Sunday


To the most Gracious Virgin Mary, never was it known of anyone who asked your help, was left unanswered.

Being Easter, it is the time for reflection and resurrection.

I’ll say prayers of course, but Ill also ask for the following to be resurrected to their former personas


Back to family fish cake odd ball from argumentative and aggressive son of stab city


Back to Dow Jones expert and Chef from US Political analyst and commentator


Back to being half normal.


Fatherhood changes the best of men. Don’t be quiet, worrying about Mammy and baby all the time. Resurrect that mad bastard…do it !! (eh just for one night)


Go back to being Croppy and amusing stories rather than the boring RNLI one. We all knew you weren’t CroppyBoy, that half wit didn’t know where he was living half the time.


Resurrected…Nuff Said.


Im sure you’re of decent stock, stop thinking of rapists and borders.


Come back to give us a winner

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You’ve restored my faith Padre. I’ll think of you when I come into my Kingdom.

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Faith is all you need. We don’t need proof of Gods KIngdom, just Faith.

God bless you all.

Hot pokers up your hole is what is in store you utter cunt of a man,

You sound just like this bitch I nearly married. Have we met?

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears;
This isn’t a thread for fighting or arguing.
This is a thread to find peace, salvation.

Fagan O’Dowd might speak of the Ides of March but let him wallow in his rhubarb and blackberry jelly, he knows not what he says

Would you be willing to hear confessions padre? I think you could be a great source of comfort to many here.

I would but I wont Judge.

Tell me your woes child.

domani padre
But only if @carryharry goes first
Good night

Go speed Glenshane.

You have underestimated the feeling for @carryharry .

That lad has sorted more Posters with motors in the 26, sorted more, bringing them in from the 6 and Ingerland and always ensured no man was/is an Island…and with the flooding (it very nearly wa)s…at the Ploughing,

@carryharry is one of TFK’s greatest.

God Bless.