Eddie O Sullivan on One to One

Admitted he fucked up the World Cup.

Said it cost him the Lions job.

Said he is waiting for the phone to ring with regards to a new job.

Came across ok.

yeah- the world cup defo ruined his chance of getting the british lions job

i thought the guy questioning him was a little harsh but he answered honestly & frankly

Only tuned into this about half way through it. Though EOS gave a good account of himself and was honest. Thought he handled the Geordan vs Girvan questions very well. Did think he contradicted himself though when talking about young players coming through - he used the example of Keith Earls saying that if Earls had been given his debut 12 months ago for Ireland it would have set him back 3 or 4 years. I thought it was odd as I don’t recall anyone even mentioning Earls as an Ireland squad member 12 months ago. He wasn’t even challenging for a Munster starting place was he? Just thought it was a very weak argument and he got away with it cos John Murray didnt seem to know much about it.

Maybe the Galway hurling board will give him a ring