Education Thread

Mr Roche. Who knows their 7 times tables.

Class. Sir,sir,sir,sir,sir.

Mr Roche. ODowd. Did you learn your 7 times tables.

ODowd. No sir. I got sick when I got home last night and I went straight to bed.

Mr Roche. You got sick?

ODowd. Yes sir.

Mr Roche. And you didn’t learn your tables.

ODowd. Sir you’re hurting me.

Mr Roche. 7 3s ODowd?

ODowd. I don’t know sir, I was sick. Oww, sir that hurts.

Mr Roche. 7 7s ODowd.

ODowd. Ah sir stop. Ah, ah I don’t know. I was sick, sorry sir.

Mr Roche. Go down to the principal’s office Fagan.