Eircom League in numbers

This was in todays Mirror.

16.1 million - the amount of euros the 22 clubs will spend in 2007 to keep professional football in Ireland alive.
2.9 million - theprojected amount the 10 First Divison clubs will spend in 2007.
2.4 million - the cost of running Drogheda United in 2007.
900,000 - the eircom League, FAI Cup and League Cup prize money.
150,000 - the cost of running Kilkenny City in 2007.
12,000 - the average attendence from a typcial eircom League week in 2006.
5000 - the money clubs get per TV gam.
2460 - the weekly wages of the highest paid player in the eircom League.
145 - the weekly wage of the lowest paid Premier Divison player.
45 - the weekly wage of the lowest paid player in the League.
24 - the number of amateur players in the League.15 - the average cost of attending an eircom League game.

Those numbers don’t add up unless you can get a big player in as sponsor like St Pat’s with Paddy Power last week.