El Classico

The gloss has really fallen off this fixture.

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2 nil barca on the stroke of half time.

Pedri and Gavi are the best duo since Yorke and Cole. If Barcelona can recover from Messi financially they’ve got two of the best midfielders in the world for the next decade or so.

1 nil Madrid after a blistering start from Barcelona

Flukey goal

Total fluke

Barca equalise with last kick of the half

2-1 Real Madrid. Cracking game this.


The Spaniards have a faulty towers type var.


2-1 Barcelona and surely the league title

Entertaining game

Classico doesn’t get as much attention here anymore but Barca lead 1-0

Remember when Spanish football was popular in Ireland ?

Some fall from grace.

An awful Barcelona team with five ex premier league players playing.

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Gundo’s first club goal since he mullered united in the FA Cup Final?

Gavi is playing Bellingham off the park

There was a time when this game was the talk of the sports world
Chelsea V Brentford is a bigger game these days

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Ferran Torres does not belong at Barcelona

In the 2010-2012 period posters would meet up offline to physically fight each other over this rivalry. El Clasico was the centre of the world. Cans, olives and Rioja would be bought in good time for the 9pm Saturday kick-off. Previews by Sid Lowe and Zonal Marking would be read in detail. Great days.

No longer.

The start of the fall from grace was when presenter Mark Bolton was sacked by Sky and replaced by Scott Minto. Then Guardiola left. Then Mourinho left. Then they started moving these games to the afternoon. Then Sky stopped covering Spanish football. Then Ronaldo left, then Messi left, then the crowds left, to be replaced by pixels imitating humans and canned crowd noise. Then Real Madrid moved to Madrid’s equivalent of the AUL complex at Clonshaugh, now Barcelona have moved to an athletics stadium.

It’s all burnt to the ground now.