Election date forecast

what date for the next election?

May 22nd for me

Do Fine Gael get to pick the date again or will it be set by a Dáil vote this time?

They could go for a Wednesday election to limit the turnout and any further swing against them - though they’d be castigated for doing so.

22nd is a Sunday Joe. That wont happen.Healy-Rae going for May 20th. Makes more sense. If we get another election (and I suspect we will) I would imagine the acting government parties will decide the date. Possibly a Wednesday to try and thwart the lefties coming out in force

Wednesday seems like a good day alright to stop the scum vote alright. The dolies will have maxed out their leap cards at that stage before Thursday pay day and won’t be able to get to polling stations.

Cloudy with a bit of sunshine I’d say