Election Night snacks

I’m off to the shops tomorrow and I mightn’t get a chance again before Thursday. What is an appropiate culinary approach to staying up all night watching Sky News? I dont think its as simple as pizza and chicken and stuff you’d have for the Superbowl for example. Crackers and cheese maybe but I don’t want to offend the vegan vote so maybe fancy crackers with fancy cheese, that might work maybe? Also some pricey craft bottled beer as only muppets like @artfoley drink out of cans nowadays

Cans :smile:

I haven’t had one in over 20 years. Jeez you mattiie are sooo behind the times

Another thinly veiled ‘look at me I work in law’ post there from Fooly


I think cans are back in. The offy in Porto has a dwindling supply of craft bottles and now has its craft beers in poxy 330ml cans with various garish colours. I asked them and they said that’s the way it’s going these days…

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Get yourself some bangers and mash, some spotted dick or toad in a hole… With a few cans of carling, you quisling cunt.


You’re really not taking your beating well.

Go down to supermacs and have some comfort food

Bulmers latest effort? Cans of Bulmers actually still fly out in cans in certain establishments in Galway.

I tried Carling, couldn’t take to it

Fish finger sandwiches and some ale.


You can go round to @sidney and wave little union Jack’s while drinking tea.

The first past the post system is bollix for drama


Didn’t you watch The Crown?

No. The fancy craft ones. They still have all the old reliable in cans obviously.

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A few of us watch tan soccer and joke around about how serious it is… But there’s lads on here who pull the stomach off themselves watching English current affairs shows and get aroused watching the house of commons debates. It’s fucking pathetic carry on… Pure cap doffing lickspittle quislings.


Tories will be having chicken

Sid will be having sour grapes and bitter pills


Whats with your outright hostility to democracy?

There are several posters who will be having Spam

I’d just like you to spend more time looking to improve Ireland instead of your masters’

Thats a rather juvenile comment.

You’re the expert on that topic so happy to take your feedback on board.

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