Elon Musk

It will all end in tears for Elon alas

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An even bigger nuisance than that joe rogan. These lads should get no platform,


A divisive character. Currently he is creating more problems than he solves

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He has backed himself into a corner with twitter anyway. He can’t afford it and its a fucking shit buy anyway

His bottom line is neither climate or fiscal prudence. His bottom line is Elon. The imbalance is becoming more pronounced.

Elon off to a good start, firing the CEO and senior executives. A good clear out is what’s required, get Twitter back to what they are supposed to be about.

No surprise the lefty headbangers are seething.

The wookerati are in a bad way by the looks of things

What was Twitter supposed to be about

Healthy debate.

GAA club results


Elon has gone off script, he’s out of control, he can’t be replied upon to censor storues about laptops. We have to cancel him before he upsets someone.

Nerds need to stay in their basements doing IT stuff, you can’t give weirdos like that power and money. They lack the social skills to know what to do with it.


He’s cleaning house.


Thats more realistic than the other fella.

The lizards need to replace him

Lots of lads here threatened by the worlds most successful african american


He drives lefties insane, he’s a great man


A top, top man. He should be running a country.

Bill gates is funding gain of function research in Boston University. Himself and fauci have concocted a covid strain rhats 80% fatal and as infectious as omicron…but elon musk is dangerous