Emails from TFK ℹ

A public service message from the TFK team.

We currently send somewhere around 11,000 emails per month to users. I would guess that <10% and perhaps <1% of those are actually required/read.

Until now, this has cost very little in € terms but the pricing plan we were on is gone and we no longer get the first 10,000 mails free.

I am making some changes to how often people are emailed because I think some have settings to receive emails far more frequently than they care about but they’re not motivated enough to change their settings. e.g. Someone posted on the Equine Matters topic earlier and about 60 mails went out at once to users who get an email every time there is a post in that topic.

Until now, it was possible for any one user to receive up to 20 emails per day from TFK. I’ve reduced that down to 3. That’s probably irrelevant for nearly everyone. The one place it probably might affect people is in Personal Messages, where you won’t get notified of new PMs if you have already been emailed a couple of times that day.

I don’t see anyone being too put out by this but if you are aggrieved then by all means let me know. I think I’ll try and figure out other ways of reducing email volumes but for now expect a slight reduction in your email counts.


The limerick hurling private group is the cause of 90% of them.

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I’d love to have a talk with one of the leaders of that group. I think setting up a private invite-only category should be the way to go. But if they’re anything like the Nogra lads, they will be hard to pin down.


Will this mean I no longer get bcc’ed on all emails as my back door to reading all the PM’s?

It’s a very shadowy group, run by unelected figures from the smokey back rooms of east Limerick pubs.


Is there anyway to turn off receiving emails? My TFK is set up to a spam email account so I never see any of them, I’d hate to think I’m wasting some of your quota

I know one of the top brass if you want me to smuggle a message to him. No guarantee of a response tho.

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See if you can get me an audience


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You’ll get knee capped you tout cunt

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Turn off the emails altogether if it’s costing you €


Emails are now €mails.

Nominate your fair play man/woman and I’ll put him/her in contact with my fair play man

No to emails

The same here. Between watching Limerick league games back 47 times and posting my learned observations on the private forum here, I barely have time to read half of the work emails I should be reading, nevermind notifications to a scratch email account I’ve long forgotten the password to.

Not possible. But will limit them as much as I can. It’s not significant money anyway and will hopefully be pennies once I throttle them.

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If you open a new thread, then you get an email every time there is a post in that thread. No need for that if it can be stopped.

@rocko can you not just enforce email preferences for individual PM’s and overwrite them to ‘Never’ for everything else?

@Rocko can you redirect mine to my address?

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Can you copy me in on all @Funtime’s e-mails. I Think he’s lying about me.

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