ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


A 0-1 win over the Netherlands in Amsterdam tonight. Bubbling up nicely for the Russian campaign this summer.


Just the 115 arrests for yer lads over there


The English got an absolute hiding out there.


Kicked all over the place…they will be murdered in Russia.


The Millwall and Chelsea type element that sadly tag along. They’ll hardly be so dumb as to travel to Russia so getting it out of the system now.


Big blow to World Cup hopes, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin is out of the World Cup.


Not really mate, ye had no hope and ye still have no hope


I see no reason why they can’t have a real go this year, nothing too frightening out there


The tabloids will be disgusted there will be one less black player to blame when it all goes wrong


England can win it this time round.


There was nothing frightening in the last Euros or World Cup either and they embarrassed themselves. They might return to their former glory of a quarter final but that will be about it


God is not in his heaven, and all is not right with the world. 54 days from now will be such a day. A cloudless June sky, the Ox reposed in the shade of the mighty British oak, watching on television. :frowning_face:

And England beginning its World Cup endeavour.


You can’t always look to the past, they’ve a team good enough to compete with anyone, I don’t think they’ll win it but I wouldn’t write them off


That’s simply not the case. Spain, Brazil, Germany, France and Belgium at least have much better players. Portugal and Argentina are similar but they have the two best players in the world


TBF England actually have a decent team on paper. They’ll fall apart though no doubt. Hopefully after they win a few first to maximise disappointment


They have Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane and not a lot else


We’ll take care of Belgium to win the group. England never feared Belgium in the World Cup.


Ye don’t have a player of Gascoigne’s genius though .


Advance from a group where we have Belgium, Panama and Tunisia for company and its Colombia/Poland/Senegal/Japan for a place in the quarter final. We’re effectively three games away from winning the World Cup. Anything can happen in knock out soccer.


I’d expect Colombia to beat England