ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


England never feared Colombia in the World Cup.


You’re going back an awful long way for all these videos mate


Southgate seems intent on playing three at the back, usually a 3-4-2-1 similar to what Roma played last night (:eek:). It’s essentially the old 3-box-3 which the great Brendan Rodgers rolled out in 2013/14 at Liverpool and uses from time to time at Celtic.

Alli and Sterling behind Kane. But who would you pick in the other positions assuming he goes with that formation, Geoff? He tried Kyle Walker as right of the three centre backs recently with Trippier as a wing back. He doesn’t fancy Smalling or Cahill.


Mate, i’ll familiarise myself with all the personnel and possible formations around the 12th of June.


Milner a late booking on the plane?


The tabloids despise Raheem Sterling, it’s bordering on racism. He’ll be their scapegoat this time.


Hope not. He needs a break.


The FA are in talks to sell Wembley.


I see where the FA are going to sell Wembly. Could lead to very positive outcomes for english football if they plough the money back into grassroots after the tories have slashed and burned expenditure on public fields and facillities. England games in the regions between September and January as well.


Thats a pretty big if


I suppose, I mean they’re not the FAI, the paragon of a lean organisation without the top heavy outrageous salaries of useless administrators, dedicated to the grassroots and developing local talent.




I know somebody who possesses superior project finance skills and who worked on the financing of the redeveloped Wembley Stadium. Oh the stories he could tell.


Soccer is thriving at grass roots level in England. England are under-17 and under-20 world champions.


The u20 level is a reserve list for u21 level at European level.


They have a very poor midfield, relative to the top teams.

Say you have a front 4 of Kane, Alli, Sterling & Rashford. It’s not bad, without being top class.

Behind them though… you’ve got Henderson & Dier as the favourites to start. Livermore, Lewis Cook, Wilshere, Delph, Winks have all been recent call-ups. The Ox is actually a loss now, he was playing well and would have been worth a start.

Centre-back partnership is no more than alright either.


Who are the three centre halves? Stones hasn’t started a league game since January


Cahill started their last few qualifiers; Jones & Stones also played. Cahill has been poor this season.

Maguire was in the last squad; Smalling & Keane also played a bit.


Their team is no better than it was for the last Euros or World Cup, maybe worse


Might be slightly worse, but you’d expect Kane to be better and they won’t have a confidence-less Hart in goal. And their group isn’t too bad.

Last World Cup, they had a tough enough group to be fair, although the fact that Costa Rica did get through ahead of them was slightly embarrassing but proof that you don’t need to have world class players to get results.