ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


Ah ya they should definitely get to the last 16 anyway but you honestly need to either stop watching altogether or watch more football if you think that England team is a match for anybody


They’ll compete with anybody, there’s no outstanding teams this year, I’d give them a fighting chance and at 16-1 they’re not a terrible bet in comparison with the six teams priced lower,


Are you high? England will do nothing.


Competing and losing is what England have been at since 1970, no reason to think this tournament will be any different. They’ll get out of their easy group, but that’s it.

Spain, Germany, France and Brazil are outstanding teams compared to England. There are another 10 teams who would fancy their chances against them.


I’d be surprised if Belgium don’t beat them comfortably in the group game


Belgium could do a 3 or 4 nil on them. In the first half.


You only watch the Premier League so you don’t know what you’re talking about. Spain have about ten midfielders better than England’s best one. Their number 1 centre half is a lad who hasn’t played a league game in three months. Their left back is either a lad who’s getting relegated or Danny Rose who can’t get in the Spurs team and was a much better player two years ago or a right footed winger. None of their keepers are great. At the top they have Alli who isn’t as good as he was two years ago, Rashford who can’t get a game at Man Utd., Sterling who has been excellent in fairness this season and Kane who hasn’t performed yet really for England and has been poor in most of the big games this season.


So, as I haven’t bothered my arse looking at the group permutations, who’s likely to dump engerland out in heartbreaking / hilarious circumstances?






Belgium are serious togshitters


You’re a little Englander though.


I’m fairly sure @backinatracksuit tipped England for the last Euros while it was on as well


Do you want the opportunity to be my bookie for the tournament mate?


Agree but they’ll flourish in a no pressure group game


Never write off the propensity for a Bottleham backboned side to implode


I don’t rate them or Southgate as a manager really, but they shouldn’t be trying to go toe-to-toe with any of the best teams. Need to be well set up, well-organised and use the likes of Rashford and Sterling on the break.


Too many egos for that to happen.


Well that is possibly true. I suppose the other problem with that is that they mightn’t meet a top side and face a side like Iceland who are happy to employ the same tactic. Then you have a case where expectation/potential arrogance plays right into the other team’s hands.


If you want to quote the titles of random Oasis songs there are other threads for that, mate.