ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


Jesus you were right to be so bullish about the English. Was real value bet pal.

Cc @mac


@backinatracksuit knew :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:








To be fair - They have done nothing and yet find themselves in a semi - Everything has fallen for them.


Last Saturday


Explaining = losing


I’m not bothered about little details like that. I’m happy to explain away…


Well done @backinatracksuit, but given the tip wasn’t posted in the dedicated betting thread I can’t give you any further pats on the back or emojis.


I backed England at 9/1 after I think @Fagan_ODowd made a pressing case for them


Glorious all white


Looks like the respective colours will be very like this:



Why havent Croatia played with their famous chequered strip this world cup?


Spain lost their manager the day before the tournament started. It remains to be seen whether I am right or wrong about the England team. I’ve been largely right about them on a game by game basis so far



:rofl: what I recall is you laughing at my claim that they were a value bet at 16-1, then being too much of a steamer to put your money where you mouth was even at enhanced odds,
Then of course there was the time that they found themselves 6-0 up or something like that against a team who was playing better than them :joy:


You seem to have forgotten about it but I stand by the commitment I made to give 200 euro to a charity of your choosing if England win the World Cup

That never happened


If this is you being right, I wouldn’t like to see it when you’re wrong.

You position yourself as a football expert, with glorious little insights like ‘James is a lovely footballer’ but really you’re a WOOF merchant, ‘Miguel Delaney’ light and have called this spectacularly wrong. It will be interesting to see if England get to the final if you will try come up with a woofism to spin it that you were right retrospectively.