ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


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@the_man_himself has been badly wrong about England in this World Cup.


I don’t think I’m too far wrong on anything I said there. Their team is better than it was two years ago which I was wrong on but that’s mainly down to Southgate rather than the quality of players. You’ve omitted me mentioning many times that Colombia would beat England if and only if James was available and also me saying it was a very even game once James was ruled out which was proven by the game going to penalties. I also said England should beat Sweden which they did.

I think Croatia will beat England in a tight game which I won’t be able to watch unfortunately


Badly, my personal favourite was when he was trying to convince us that Panama were better than England, this was because they were able to pass the ball under no pressure to free men, this is known as technical football I believe,


I never said Panama were better than England, stop making things up


How dare you, you said they were the better team until England’s third goal,
Save it for the table quizzes mate, football is about scoring goals and not conceding them, you haven’t a breeze, watching all the football in the world won’t make a difference


So I never said that Panama were better than England then? Thanks for admitting that

Do you still think Dimitri Payet is in the top 5 players in the world?


Look mate, if I need a football nerd for a table quiz I’ll give you a shout, if I want a conversation about football I’ll pass on you,


The funniest thing is you think you’re vindicated based on England beating Sweden, Panama, Tunisia and Colombia without their best player by the lottery system cc @GeoffreyBoycott


That’s the funniest thing??? :rofl:
I thought the better team bring 6-0 down was proper funny


You’ve been right about one thing. England have been a great laugh for the last three weeks. They’ve given us all a real lift.


there’s no asterisk beside a world cup kid


Stop making things up


I still see nothing wrong with what I posted there.
England are the beneficiaries of the way the group stages panned out that left all the good teams on one side of the draw and all the dross on the other. England haven’t played one decent side yet (the Belgium game was a practice match between B teams).
Spain, Germany and Brazil may be out but all 3 would demolish England, as will France if England reach the final.


Spain were shit. They won one game, luckily enough against Iran. Team largely made up of over the hill 30 somethings.

Sweden are an outstanding side according to self proclaimed soccer expert @Cicero_Dandi. We stuffed Sweden.


Spain would beat England handily. Sweden were overrated based on beating a very poor and disorganized Italy, @Cicero_Dandi was blinded by his bias.


Luis Enrique has taken the Spanish job.



No surprise to learn that cave dwellers support England


Just letting the smuck know he maybe wrong