ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


The post mortem is only beginning.


Southgate is a good man learning his trade somewhat still, England have talent coming through, they’ll be ok. He’ll learn from tonight no doubt. They’re missing a few players still, meaning he had to play dirt like Dier, Rashford and Lingaard but once he ships them on and bloods some of the younger lads he’ll build a better side going forward.


The English have some great songs for this sort of situation, as befitting the finest popular music culture in the world.


Who can he blood? Sessognon and?


Llallana and Oxlade were a loss in this tournament


Llallana :joy:




They are all interchangeable mate, no point trying to rank them.


What a load of nonsense. The team might have been top heavy in Spurs players for the second half of extra time with five on the field and Kyle Walker who was a Spurs player for 8 years until departing a year ago, but when top clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea and Woolwich have no interest in developing young England players, there’s a narrow pool of clubs for the England national team to chose players from. The burden of backboning the national side is going to fall on the likes of Spurs, Man U and even Everton who have always placed a premium on developing young English talent.

Those Spurs players and recent Spurs player out there in Moscow tonight were all either home ground or plucked from obscurity for a song and moulded into World Cup semi finalists at White Hart Lane - Harry Kane (home grown), Bamidele (signed from third tier of English football for £5 million), Eric Dier (signed from Sporting Lisbon for £4 million), Danny Rose (signed from Sunderland for £1 million), Kieran Trippier (signed from Burnley for £3.5 million) and Kyle Walker (signed from Sheffield United for £4.5 million).


Mate, he is desperately trying to deflect from the abject displays of Sterling and the poor defending from Walker and Stones that are ultimately the reason that England will be playing on Saturday, not Sunday.


Sure they are


Not particularly. Merely pointing out how they’d have been a help, especially Ox as he’d have given them some go forward, which they patently lacked. Llallana is a decent player, who can keep the ball, not earth shattering, but would have been an improvement on Lingaard tonight you’d have felt.


Lallana is fucking shit bud. The Ox may have been a good impact player alright.


Brazil would have hammered Engurland. They got a pox of a draw by losing to Belgiums B team ffs.


Tbh I think the 5 spurs players on the field in ET was the real issue


Losing Harry Winks to his ankle problem for the second half of the season was a hammer blow for England as well as Spurs. Winks ran the show against Real Madrid last season both at the Bernabeu and the Empire Stadium. Could have done with him out there against Modric again tonight.


I’ll never forgive him for not taking the squad number 50


Stones & Mcguire in a WC Final, imagine that for a second. :rofl::joy:

God bless Croatia.


I thought that Vida chap was very good again tonight.


Rebic was class too.