ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come




Some pretend IRA shite probably


You’re really struggling for new material this weather mate, is everything alright?


My thoughts and prayers are with you


Using it as a base, will probably spend most time in Donegal


Culdaff is a fine spot if you’re looking for a great beach…great stones for skimming


World Cup squad to be announced on Wednesday.


Shelvey must make it.


Big discussion on that on 5live last night.


Didnt catch that, but he’d be better there than some of the scrap they’ll bring.


Until he gets himself sent off over a nothing incident 10 minutes into a game.


Easy get sent off over a nothing incident, can happen the best of them in fact


Some players make a habit of it.


Shame Zola never got another chance at a WC to show he’d matured. All we can do is judge him on that nothing incident.


Interesting article as these things go with rio ferdinand in the Times. Once you’d waded through the usual father and man of the community and high flying entrepreneur copy and paste shtick, he revealed that England were as poor as they were in large part because they were all afraid to reveal anything to one another that might give any edge to them in the EPL. Clearly they were club first, and country an afterthought, more of a penance to be endured.
Personally I think this glosses over the fact that none of them were as good as they thought they were, but really England have little chance in any sport much, as none of them have any sense of national pride or unity.
Can’t say I blame them.


Not unusual. The Meath lads would tell you it was the same with them for many years before Boylan came along. Traverses sport. Usually requires a strong leader to break that down. You’ve also the example of the Irish camp discussion about the Munster players, I think it was Kearney who raised it.

As a Galway man you should know more than most the danger of interclub rivalries and the county team.


What rivalries ???


Palace vs Brighton.


I do. I was chatting to my great ex clubmate at the weekend about just this. Kk have been dominant as the entire county is in thrall to the County team.
Galway have become successful in part as mod has engendered a sense of club within the county squad, so those involved pull together and have less interest outside that group.
The clubs of course still spit fury at each other, the county, and anyone from any county anywhere near the galway border (include any clubs located in galway, but close to the border in that, especially the tipp border)


He’s the best English midfielder