ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


Jesus wept.

No offence now mate, I’m not ‘following you around’ but… Jesus wept


Who’s better?


Hart won’t be traveling anyway


Leon Bailey is eligible for England; has refused all call-ups from Jamaica and had a great season with Leverkusen.

The media love wildcards.


That english squad is absolutely shocking. Who was saying they could win it out?


Loftus cheek and Delph :rofl:


Rassieford is an England international :eek:


@Mullach_Ide told you 14 months ago Rashford was an England international you’ve awful memory.


I figured he’d be a one cap wonder, not unlike that David Nugent guy, only less white.


And Henderson and Dier make up their four central midfielders. Pretty awful.


The defence wouldn’t inspire a lot of confidence either.


Michael Ricketts of Bolton was another such example?


Two caps


Great to see the Oirish sneering at the England squad .


Nugent got one cap, and one goal, and what a goal it was.


Scott Hogan made the bench for Aston Villa last night.


Gas cunts. And they hoppping up and down cheering them on week in week out and arguing about whos better


EPL Tracksuit


Tottenham Hotspur leading the way for England again. The club that has provided the most England internationals has the largest representation in the squad.


No wonder they win nothing.