ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


Ooooooft (he was probably only kidding he will say)


Kidding about what? I never said I’d take the bet


You’re just peddling bullshit, if you’re so certain that 16-1 is far too generous why don’t you take the bet at 14-1, it seems a no brainer, you can pay in installments if the unthinkable happens.
I usually wouldn’t bother but you’ve repeated this shit a few times now and it’s gotten tiresome


If England win the world cup I’ll donate a few hundred to a charity of your choosing and put up proof. I don’t want your money


If I win the bet you can donate the entire amount to a charity, I don’t want your money either but it’ll surely be more than
a couple of hundred,
Your makey uppey bullshit is tiresome but I’m willing to have a bit of fun with it now


What are you on about?


Two fannies fucking about lay the bet or shut up about it


Only one fella trying to run away from it


@Cicero_Dandi will lay it


Cuntinatracksuits wife checks his bank statements. She’ll take it straight from his tackies allowance.


God forbid someone isn’t interested in gambling


Beeeep beeeeeeep beeeeeeeep #backtrack


This is an England supporters thread. Take the discussion about betting to one of the betting/gambling thread.


There has been no backtrack. I never said I’d take the bet


I never said England would win the World Cup but you’ve ran with that so why don’t you put your money where your mouth is now as you are so certain it’s an impossibility, some charity will make a few bob, as I said I don’t care for your money.


Go back to gambling the farm mate and don’t worry about my wife’s business


Where did I say that you said England would win the world cup?


You think it’s hilarious to suggest that they even have a 16-1 chance of winning the tournament, then make up stuff that I said two years ago to back yourself.
I fully expect to lose any bet but I’d like for you to have the courage of your convictions


So are you admitting now that I never said that you said that England would win the world cup?


You’re a big fucking know it all with your football talk, and how you know best because you watch football from every shit league on the planet and probably memorised all your panini sticker albums.
Now you’ve repeatedly had a cut because i suggested 16-1 was a decent price, then you made some claims about euro 16 and Dimitri Payet that i have no recollection of but id say are bullshit, there’s no way that i tipped England to win in 16, i may have given them an outside chance.
Now I’ve offered you or some charity that you like some free money because I have the courage of my convictions that 16-1 is a good price, I don’t even want that.