ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


It was a tap in tbf, but I’m giving you a like for that


Cheers pal!


Hey mate, you never responded to my query as to whether you’d like to be my bookie, I wouldn’t even expect you to match the bookies prices, I’ll take 14 to 1


I’ll give you 14/1. How much you in for?


I’ll definitely get back to you but I’ll wait for the other chap first


It’s hard to see England not making the quarter final. It gets trickier from there but anything can happen in a knock out tournament.


When did you make this query?


A few weeks ago when you laughed at my suggestion that England could be value at 16-1,
I never said I thought they’d win, if you want to b a cunt about it and keep saying I did we might as well make it interesting, you seem to confuse ‘they’ve a small chance’ with ‘I think they’ll win’


What tends to happen is they go out on penalties


This seems to have upset you a lot. You think England are good value because you only watch the EPL. It’s like when you thought Dimitri Payet was the third best player in the world a few years ago


Mate, this is a simple question.




If England are not to win the World Cup, you’d hope they exit after a defeat. It’s very unsatisfactory to exit a tournament unbeaten, eliminated in the lottery after a drawn match. They really should have a few extra days pencilled into the tournament schedule for replays.


So you don’t want my money, then shut the fuck up.
I don’t expect England to win, i think they’ll make the last 8. Stop making shit up, i consider it a positive that i don’t spend every waking hour watching shit football.


When did England last exit a World Cup on a penalty shoot out ??


No need to cry mate. Calm down


Last time was 2006. Happened in 1990 and 1998 as well. The really frustrating thing was we looked the best team in all three of those tournaments.


Most people would be delighted with free money,


:joy:it’s the way you tell em, Geoff.


Leaving aside that England were fairly shite in 06, how is footballers kicking a football a lottery?