ENGLAND Supporters Thread

Not in the club he ain’t. All night, any way you want it.

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A bit like the election.

England seem a bit weak without Slabhead at the back. I had never heard of this Wharton lad until he was selected in the squad

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He’s very good but you fuck off a Dunk or Gordon or Watkins and let the box office guys do their thing.

Shaw has started a game since February…God knows what condition he’ll be in.

Mainoo getting slated, saying he’s out of his depth… Probably should have been left behind for Maddison or Grealish

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England embarrassed again. Can’t wait for the tournament.

Pep has squeezed the joy out of Grealish. No shock that he didn’t make it.

I see the racists are blaming the two black fellas for the defeat. Mainoo should have gone nowhere next nor near that squad this early in his career.

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Mainoo should stay at home, where he is properly appreciated.

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You’d wonder

Oh come out ye…

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Lots of scapegoats there

Can imagine the mental gymnastics trying to organise who goes where so as not to appear to be an inverted racist.

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A fella starting for England who I LITERALLY have never heard of. Thats the death knell to my career as a footix surely.

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I’ll talk to the lads in HQ but you could be out. You’ll have to return your jacket to the Northern Branch out of your own pocket.


Bellingham modelling for Kim Kardashian.

That’s that so

And vice versa probably

Impressive honesty from Southgate


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