England U-21s and Stuart Pearce - How Fooking Funny

So last night they were 1-0 up against the hosts Holland in the semi final of the European Championships and the Celtic target, Ritgers, got a belter of an overhead kick in the last minute. They then lost 13-12 on penalties after playing extra time with 10 men after Onouha got injured and they’d used all their substitutes.

Didn’t see it because I was at the hurling last night but catching up on things now on Sky Sports News and it’s smashing to watch.

They’re complaining that Steven Taylor was down injured when the equaliser went in. Although England were happy enough to play on and score in the last group game against Serbia when one of their players was down injured and it wasn’t a problem to them then.

Taylor played through the pain barrier in extra time and after all the other outfield players had taken penalties they tried to get out of having Taylor take one. The Dutch coach cited the rules and so the ref forced Taylor to take one, which he scored. Because of that he’s ‘the new Terry Butcher’ according to Pearce. What clowns.

Pearce says it’s his greatest ever achievement and the proudest he’s ever been of a group of players. Eh, you got sent home after drawing with the Czech Republic, being played off the park by Italy and somehow scraping a draw, beating a Serbian team that was already through to the semis and had rested all their players and then getting eliminated. Wonderful indeed.

That Pearce is some fookwit. Going on about representing your country and when England calls it’s like a call to war and how he relates to all the soldiers who served England in the past because that’s what they were doing in the tournament.

Sky have a load of sombre reports emphasising how heroic the young British Bulldogs were in defeat. Pearce says these players will remember the experience 5/10 years down the line when something similar happens in a senior tournament. I should hope not or they’ll be going home defeated from that too. ;D

The one thing I’d say in fairness to Pearce was that afterwards he had no complaints about the last goal or Taylor being made to take a penalty. Of course he had no cause for complaint on either of those issues but Sky were making loads of it and were hoping he’d be raging.

He does waffle on far too much about pride though. When Bentley left the team Pearse was saying how “you just don’t do that. Playing for your country is like the armed forces. If your country asks you then you simply don’t turn your back.” Fool.