Ennis says yes

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Gavin is leaving Clare FM???

@Raylan @Ambrose_McNulty any place (cafe or hotel) in Ennis i could rock up with the laptop and do a few hours work?

You want a place with electricity and all?

I’d say the Temple Gate might be as handy, plenty parking and not over busy with foot traffic


Na don’t need to plug in, I pulled into the West County and it looks fair bleak.

Careful with the laptop the locals could stone you for witch craft


Nice cafe adjacent to the queen’s Hotel. I’ve used it before for an hour or so. Kaffeine?

cager alert

“great parking” dastardly “foot traffic”

You’re against people walking? :thinking:

im not familiar with the term foot traffic

Sorted now :+1:

You might go away and read up on it before interjecting so. TIA.

If you can’t get a suitable spot in Ireland’s Information Age Town I don’t know where you would get one.

I wouldn’t mind but the West County is the vaccination centre and it’s been the only hotel with people in it

Elm cafe in Gort Road/Shiels complex is a nice spot to hide away for a few hours

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@Raylan heading over that way for the first time for the league match next month, hopefully with capacity back to normal at matches, you couldn’t recommend a few decent pubs?

Are you making a night of it? Ennis is handy enough get about, and the pitch is in the middle of town. Ciaran’s, Nora Culligan’s and Knox’s would be the closest to the park if ye are only up and down


The Old Ground is a grand little spot in the middle of town, the grub is lovely there, we’d always call in there now if we’re in Ennis,