Enniscorthy is a town in Wexford, Ireland, where poor people live and, aside from its abject poverty and uneducated inhabitants, the town is famous for its annual Strawberry Fair event.

All sorts of mingers from Enniscorthy and surrounding areas have been crowned ‘Strawberry Fair Queen’ in the competition’s chequered history.

Bandage’s mother comes from Enniscorthy.

The town’s natives are often referred to as ‘Scalders’ or ‘Knackers’ and the main landmarks in the town are St Senan’s Mental Hospital and Vinegar Hill.

Nightlife in Enniscorthy consists of The Castle, a nightclub where a broken jaw is all but guaranteed upon entry, and drinking cans of Dutch Gold on the promenade overlooking the River Slaney.

Enniscorthy has two GAA clubs - Shamrocks and Enniscorthy Hurling and Football Club. The latter is sub-divided into Starlights (football) and Rapparees (hurling).

Enniscorthy is always described as “a great town, but a pity about the people”. One of Irelands most scenic towns, Enniscorthy suffers from the normal influx of knackers from the Dublin area during the summer - they usually stop off on their way to Wexford town to pitch up their caravans close to the Riverbank hotel.

Enniscorthy’s most famous son is Alan O’Brien who broke the world record for non-stop dancing in October 2008.


Fuckin hell, that Colm Toibin fella is only trotting after Alan O’Brien, they say everyone has a book in them but how many can dance for 53 hours straight.

I’m with Una and Nancy here. I ran out of Cashel that night in total disbelief and shock.Have’nt set foot inside of it since.

The Fleadh in 1999 was the greatest weekend of all time (at the time). Celtic beat Rangers 6-3 or something on the Sunday too I think. The whole town was pissed. Great times.

What was the extent of the engagements in Enniscorthy in Easter Week 1916?

More than New Ross and Wexford which is a source of some local pride.

Check out an article in the Irish Times today about it

I had the misfortune to stop in New Ross on the way to Cheltenham it’s and awful town altogether is it. The bones of the burned out factory on outskirts lend it an especially bleak feel.

Rosslare on the other hand seems like a much nicer spot altogether

Enniscorthy putting Dublin to shame with its commemorations so far today. An unreal mass just over.

The albatross fertiliser plant was dismantled due to asbestos fears…


Passed through Enniscorthy at 1130. Lovely commemoration was about to start. The pikes were out of the thatch.


Walked up Vinegar Hill in 1998 to hear Gerry Adams give an oration.

Boolavogue is one of my favourite songs too, Old Mrs Goode, God bless her, used to sing it.


Is this the place you drive into, cross a bridge, and drive out in the opposite direction on the way to Wexford town?*

*It could also be New Ross.

Either way, it seemed a particular shithole.

That’s New Ross. In Enniscorthy you cross a bridge an continue in the same direction.

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which tfk posters are from this town?

@padjo may or may not be depending on what’s been accused / rewarded

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Cautiously signing in, but good few years since I lived slaneyside