Anyone playing the weekly fantasy on PP? 5 euro entry… @Locke , @Aertel220 @Copper_pipe @backinatracksuit

Very hard to judge in the same way American sports are.

Twice in the last few weeks i was in position to win 500+ but ended up with 10 euro.


Thanks for the tag you cunt

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Is the gambling taking a hold chief?

It’s not gambling.

Rashford may do fuck all now with the sending off.

I always seem to pick the wrong Arsenal Man.

Walcott a pure gamble as i knew he’d be very low owned.

Hon Odegaard, never doubted you.

Big 10 euro win cc @carryharry

You’ll flitter it all away in no time.

The sickness has soaked into you.

Went top heavy this week… Rolled the dice.