EPL Fantasy 22/23

Needs its own thread. Big thanks for @Thomas_Brady for setting it up.



I spent all my money on midfielders. Seems the smart strategy.

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@Thomas_Brady do an ordinary league as well as head to head

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9 (nine) TFKrs involved. Let’s keep that number rising.

I’ll get to it in a bit.

Is 12 enough for head to head?

It is for the LOI :smiley:

regular league , click below - password ksuisy


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the draft is where it’s at, good craic.

Click here to find out some real posters names :open_mouth:



When do we find out who we play @Thomas_Brady?

Are you knocked out if you lose this week?

Presume the draw is being adjudicated in TFK towers.

Once the league is full I presume… 3 more and we have 14. @Copper_pipe is signing up later so I can cap it at 12 if there’s no more interest after that.

Are you in?

@chops91,you interested?

Edit… there’s 12 in now… So two more places.

I am

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The head to head is stupid in FPL,

I’ll win the points league at a canter though I haven’t a clue how week 1 will go

Joined both the H2H and Classic there