Erling Braut Haaland

Interesting listening to Barney Ronay and Johnny Wilson on Haaland.

No increase in city goals this season but a mark increase in goals conceded.

Obviously they have to play more direct to Haaland which leaves them more open.

If they don’t win the league or champions League this year the signing will have to go down as a mistake even if he scores 70 goals. It’s seems ridiculous on paper but that’s the level they are operating at.

Didn’t you say yesterday this was the best standard of league in years. You would think City would then be scoring less and conceding more, but they have maintained their scoring rate. Haaland is surely a complete triumph then?

The opposition have improved. It’s not as easy for city.

He can score a 100 goals but city aren’t as a good a team with him in it. Can see
Him being dropped for a big champions league game.

Pep loves to bowl a googly in those games.

Arsenal have improved, spurs have improved, outside of that, I dont see any great change.

he is 22 playing in a new league, in a different style. He has 25 goals in 19 games and City are always better in the second half of the league. City have to play Arsenal twice.

Erling will be grand and City will win the league. He gives them their best chance of winning the Champions League too. What good is 80% possession with no shots. It will suit him too when teams don’t defend with 10 men behind the ball in the latter stages

City would have been top in pretty much any other season with 45 points at this stage.

What Arsenal are doing is incredible and out of City’s control.

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