Euro 2016 play offs

Norway v Hungary just kicked off on Sky Sports 3. Both sides look very workmanlike on paper.

Gabor Kiraly is still soldiering on in his lounging pants in goal for Hungary I see

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Hungary undone by a route one ball but Kiraly makes a stunning reflex save

Yeah for a fella in sweat pants he made a stunning save earlier. Norway look far better. Interesting game.

Oliver Tettey, the Norwich midfielder is playing for Norway. He may not have much football but he is a relentless fucker, seems to thrive on harrying and breaking things up

Hes banged in a few goals lately for them, three in five or something. What part of norway is he from? Looks a bit of a blow-in.

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Ye’d make a great commentary team, lads.


God save the queen came on before the anthems, anyone know why?

Just gone and got himself booked by steaming through the back of some lad

The Arab right back for Norway looks a shocking defender as well. Celtic fans won’t be surprised to hear that Berget has been anonymous thus far

Holy fuck that’s a screamer and he’s a debutant!

Hungary take the lead. Probably deserved on the balance of play. Keeper made a bags of it

There’s a gay on the pitch?

Actually on second look the keeper touched it, I thought it flew straight in. Keeper should have done better but was still a fair old crisp strike and was unexpected.

The two Hungarian centre halves are defending very well but they need more protection. Norway have been able to run at the Hungarian back 4 a few too many times. Zoltan Gera is playing as the holding midfielder and is completely overran

How are Norway losing here. Hungary charmed to be ahead.

Berget has wasted three great attacking positions in the first 5 minutes of the second half. Hungary defending very deep and narrow, Norway will get plenty of chances

Christ your man Soderberg (?) is some donkey up front for Norway. I’ve layed Hungary at 1.94 because you’ve got to feel Norway will score.

Too much tipping and tapping the ball in and around the box for Norway. Must be infuriating to watch for their fans.

Soderberg hauled ashore the useless fucker. Good move by the manager.

Brain dead stuff from Norway. Yet another back heel to no-one from some clown in the box when he had time to turn and get a shot off. Really low level of intelligence on display from Norway, they’ve no cuteness at all.