Euro 2024

Netherlands and France came from same qualifying group?


Albania have the same three opponents we had at Euro 2012.

Portugal, the Czech Republic and Turkey reunite for a Euro '96 nostalgia group that nobody will watch.

Another first round exit for Scotland beckons.

Will the Albanian shoes off brigade be belting out the Fields of Elbasan while getting pummelled 4-0 by Spain in their final group game?


Potential Greece v Turkey clash in that last group, if Greece can get through their play-off pathway, which I think they have a very good chance of doing.

Is there a provision for such a fixture to be scuppered by UEFA on security grounds?

I reckon the scots will go through

Groups definitely don’t seem particularly balanced.

Switzerland are their best chance of nicking a win I’d say. They’ve been in poor form over the last year and Murat Yakin appears to be a managerial downgrade on Vladimir Petkovic.

Hungary are on an upward curve.

Scotland always seem to resort to dumb Ye Olde British style when they need a win and get picked off by a technically superior team.


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It’ll be some occasion for the Scots to play Germany on the opening night of the tournament. Costa Rica had the honour at the last German based tournament.

Needs more collars.

Belgians into an early lead with their home and away, but the Dutch away kit is sublime

As is the Portugese

And the Italy home is a banger

And the German home

Or RTE or virgin showing it this side of the channel?