European Capital of Culture 2020

Wexford and Waterford peeking out from Kilkennys hole as per usual

'Three of the four Irish candidates for the 2020 European Capital of Culture designation have been shortlisted to progress to the next round.

Galway, Limerick and a joint bid from Wexford, Waterford and Kilkenny - dubbed The Three Sisters - were named by a judging panel in Dublin Castle this afternoon.

Limerick was Ireland’s City of Culture in 2014.

The fourth bid was made on behalf of Dublin.

It is expected the winner will be announced next summer.

Bid teams from three shortlisted candidates must now outline in more detail the programmes they would roll out in the event of securing the designation.’

It seems Galway are making an unmitigated balls of this.

Are you surprised? Sure the only culture those cunts would know is from the saw doctors, miggledy “poetry” and yoghurt

Desperate reading alright … Limerick was really tooled up for this but as usual, the incompetent pricks in City Hall made a ham of it… the same 4 or 5 poisonous cunts ruin everything in city hall… I had the pleasure of nailing one of the main offenders recently.

Should just give it to Dublin again.