European Power ratings

Champions League - European Power Rankings
Eurosport - Tue, 25 Mar 12:06:00 2008
With no European action over the past seven days, it is no surprise to see Manchester United retaining their place at the summit of our Power Rankings.

We take into account both domestic and European performances, plus the relative difficulty of each team’s league, to find out who is the best team in Europe.

Alex Ferguson’s side scored two domestic victories last week to help them edge towards the successful retention of their Premier League crown and, perhaps more importantly, the inaugural European Power Rankings gong.

United currently lead second-placed Barcelona by just under two points - a hefty defecit in Power Rankings terms - after Arsenal’s defeat to Chelsea saw them slip into third.

That win for Chelsea, coupled with a disastrous week for Internazionale which saw them pick up just a point from two games, means the Blues leapfrog the Nerazzurri into fifth.

Elsewhere, Bayern and Real Madrid swap positions down in 12th and 13th respectively while Lyon’s win over Paris St Germain bumps them up to 17th.


1 (1) Manchester United - 24.27

2 (3) Barcelona - 22.50

3 (2) Arsenal - 22.31

4 (4) Roma - 21.29

5 (6) Chelsea - 20.97

6 (5) Internazionale - 20.71

7 (7) Liverpool - 20.52

8 (9) Porto - 19.90

9 (8) Sevilla - 19.76

10 (10) Everton - 19.19

11 (11) Fenerbahce - 18.89

12 (13) Bayern - 17.94

13 (12) Real Madrid - 17.56

14 (14) Hamburg - 17.48

15 (15) Milan - 16.92

16 (16) Olympiacos - 16.88

17 (18) Lyon - 16.48

18 (17) Fiorentina - 16.43

19 (19) Werder Bremen - 16.17

20 (20) Rangers - 16.08

As ridiculous a concept as that is, I think Celtic were third in it at one stage, the table they have there isn’t that bad.

Man United are unquestionably the form team in Europe and are in a great position to win a league and the CL. But if they don’t win the latter especially there’ll be serious questions asked. Barca are deservedly ahead of Real Madrid due to being still in the CL though Real seem harshly treated in 13th given they’re winning La Liga, especially when you look at Sevilla above them.

That makes no sense actually - how are Sevilla ahead of Real Madrid?

Not sure why Hamburg are ahead of Bayer Leverkusen either.

Is this something Eurosport do themselves Locke or do they take it from somewhere else? Any more detail on how exactly the placings are derived and what weightings are given to the different leagues?

Got it off the yahoo front page on sport and they have links with Eurosport. There’s a gong involved in it so it must be cosure. Why are Roma over Inter??

Roma are still in the CL so you could make a case for them. Some of the others don’t make much sense though.

Everton ahead of Real Madrid and AC Milan is the one that really sticks out for me