Europe's Top 20 Revenue Earning Clubs

  1. Real Madrid £359.1m
  2. Barcelona £325.9m
  3. Man United £286.4m
  4. Bayern Munich £264.5m
  5. Arsenal £224.4m
  6. Chelsea £209.5m
  7. AC Milan £193.1m
  8. Liverpool £184.5m
  9. Inter Milan £184.1m
  10. Juventus £167.8m
  11. Manchester City £125.1m
  12. Tottenham £119.8m
  13. Hamburg £119.7 m
  14. Lyon £119.6m
  15. Marseille £115.5m
  16. Schalke £114.5m
  17. Atletico Madrid £101.9m
  18. Roma £100.5m
  19. Stuttgart £94m
  20. Aston Villa £89.6m

Interesting that Bayern had by some distance the biggest commercial earnings (€173m) of any club in Europe. Over €20m more than Real Madrid and about €100m more than most of the premiership clubs and over €70m more than Man Utd. I’d say Liverpool are going to slip down that list a bit with the departure of Torres. Apparently he’s outsold Carroll in shirt sales at a rate of 250-1.

What’s that? Net earnings/OP or is it Sales? Presume its just sales if Chelsea are listed.
It would be much more interesting to see profitability

Revenue = sales.

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