Eurovision 2013

Little enough being made of the threat to this great competition. Typical modern journalism really - everyone burying their heads in the sand and praying it will be fine.

Greece and Cyprus the latest to the consider pulling out of the 2013 tournament. Poland and Portugal are already confirmed absentees. Hungary, Czech, Montenegro and Andorra all refused to take part last year.

I’m not sure how we should best deal with the rebel republics. Portugal and Greece should have bailout funds stopped immediately obviously. Little surprise that two countries who can’t manage their domestic economies can’t manage their Eurovision entries either. For the rest it will just have to be economic, sporting and musical sanctions. This great institution should not fold because backward cultural cesspit cannot sustain their interest.

What is the backdrop to this story, Rocko? Unsurprising that the countries pulling out have no Eurovision heritage or pedigree.

Spot on. It’s bitterness dressed up as an economic decision for most of them. Greece are saying they “can’t afford” it yet I bet they’ll be well able to keep the Parthenon open for another year.

Portugal are blaming tv ratings. Obvious solution would be to put it on more channels but they decide to pull out completely. Fools.

Only solution is to bring back Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union thereby geting rid of regional voting in one fell swoop.

Kick Israel into the sea while we’re at it also.

Poles pulled out because they said they can’t afford to host next year if they won it. The fact that they can never get past the first round has nothing to do with it. Can never understand how they can’t pick a few lookers that everyone would vote for.

Could they not do a Platini and have each nation sing its song from their home country?

A Eurovision for Europe?

Indeed, and get Graham Norton to host it.

Eurosong on tonight. Only caught the recap there and a tiny bit of post song analysis on songs 2 and 5. On that basis I’m supporting song 2.

Number 2 or 4.

I’m going to go with 4

[quote=“Fran, post: 740494, member: 110”]Number 2 or 4.

I’m going to go with 4[/quote]
I should point out that Paul Harrington is on piano on #2.

3 looks like it could actually win its that bad


The singer has Mohill connections.

Plus she’d get it.

Shes surley a polak or something is she farmer

Mairead Farrell from the Ray Darcy show is involved with song 5. I can’t like this song apart from the fact that Farrell likes to show a lot of cleavage on her TV appearances.

2 is the only choice here. It doesn’t sound like a winner on first listen but the rest are so bad that no other possible decision can be arrived at. I don’t think we’ll be gracing the final this year whatever happens.

Austria and Lithuania sound like they’ll make a strong push this year based on those snippets. I’ve been quite impressed with the solid, classic Eurovision nature of the Austrian entries in recent years.

2 is the best song but I don’t think it’ll win

Come on 2.

Is Tubridy tipsy? Very giddy.

Off to a flier.