Eurovision 2019 - Jaffa/Tel Aviv (not in Europe this year)

Been a decent bit of support of Azerbaijan in recent weeks.

I am told cyprus at 6/1 to win their semi is the bet

No absolutely not, avoid like the plague. Australia or Greece most likely to win that semi. Maybe even Czech Republic or Iceland as outsiders. There’s a lot of savvy people think Cyprus might not even top 10 to qualify and she’s 1/10 to qualify but I think she’ll do enough to qualify alright. Don’t back her to win the semi though.

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What kind of sicko bets on a song contest for the fags?

You lads are sick.

I think France will alienate too many people because it’s trying too hard to tick boxes and is ramming this PC / Inclusivity message down people’s throats. They were about 100/1 about a week ago so that tells you the quality of their song alone. It’s the staging that has driven the odds up but I wouldn’t be betting it now myself.

The running order for the final will be important. You want to be in the second half. But already four of the “big five” automatic qualifiers have managed to draw the second half - Italy, UK, France and Spain. The latter are rumoured as a possibility to close out the show which is hugely advantageous towards garnering tele votes. Spain top 10 finish at 5/2 would be good odds of it comes to fruition that they are last act on.

So that leaves nine slots for the first half and if you’re backing the likes of Netherlands at 5/2 you’re more or less goosed if they’re drawn first half.

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You freak

Backing France in the Eurovision is a mugs game. They have less friends than we do

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For serious punters it’s mecca from heaven cos you can bet whatever you want into the exchanges which has very big liquidity and not be looking over your shoulder waiting to be restricted or closed if you back a winning horse with the traditional bookies.


Sounds like something the fags do

The Icelandic bdsm act are causing quite a stir apparently.

Well if thats their plan the Irish will give them 12 points and a free hand job . We’re world leaders in all that shit now.

I was also told that Estonia to be top baltic at around 8/13 is printing money… Btw I have not backed these.

There’s a buzz whipping up around them

The Frogs won’t get many votes east of Berlin.

That’ll probably come in but bear in mind he’s borderline to qualify tonight. I think the other two balkans (Latvia and Lithuania) almost certainly won’t qualify either from the other semi final. Not sure where that leaves that bet then if none of the three qualify, I guess they’ll do a count back. It’ll probably win but I don’t think it’s a total lock either at 4/7.

If Netherlands draw the second half of the final night he’ll win it I think. If he’s in half one it’s bang open.

Australia :astonished:

The jew in the white dress is a nice bit of stuff.

Just switched on. What in the name of fuck is your one wearing :nauseated_face:

Anyone any use tonight lads?