Eurovision 2019 - Jaffa/Tel Aviv (not in Europe this year)


I heard Ireland’s entry this morning.

The only thing I can recall of it is that it has somebody playing the tune of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” on a Casio keyboard, with one finger.

The 23 year famine will go on.


Scarriff woman singing it? Apparently she came third in Ireland’s Got Talent in 2015. I can’t recall who came first or second then or any other year.


RTE have decided she’s going to Scariffy Europe.


Ate we going to boycott it?


Having heard our entry, I think we’ve organised a form of boycott, at least.

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Just heard Fergus Slattery on Sean O Rourke show and was still complaining about England/Wales “boycotting” their games in Dublin in 1972.


England played


We’ve sent worse


Correct,should have said Scotland.

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We certainly have. Harmless enough effort, lacks a hook though.


The song is irrelevant really. It’s all about the production on the night


That video must have cost a tenner to make - they won’t get that back.


I’m boycotting this years event.




It’s not antisemitism, it’s the gays he’s against

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He’s only discovering the gay/Eurovision conspiracy now?


We should have sent @GeoffreyBoycott to sing for us.

He would have pulled out at the last minute.

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Or shit himself on stage


They don’t make em like they used to

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France have a “queer” Muslim singing an absolutely terrible song about acceptance. 8’s available on PP with 5 places. Seems a no brainer. They are also guaranteed to be in final.

The Dutch are favourites but their song is shite.

Armenia @ 150/1 is my e/way bet for the contest.