Eurovision 2021

Cyprus song

Lady Gaga lawyers listening closely to this

Great to see crowds back indoors and out from under the bed

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She was some bit of stuff :heart_eyes: I’d say the devil is stuck in her. 130/1 on the machine

The Albanian lass is a big unit

A pre Covid Eurovision crowd would have been booing the fuck out of Israel

Israel’s song is called “Set Me Free”. Irony meter broken.

I’d say it’s some weekend away at the Eurovision.

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State of this cunt.

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It’s either stunners or quirky.

Here’s quirky.

The winner up next CMAAAAAAAN!!!

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Russia was good


This lass is a proper big unit

A stunning looking young woman

Her daddy was a footballer

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This is too American for me

Im bopping around the sitting room IM NOT YOUR BAAAAABY

Bit of an Anastasia vibe off it

The spirit of Whitney is inside her amongst other things

Sensational from Destiny

Well staged show.