I’m sure someone with motor neuron disease might have a different opinion.

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Or somebody denied the right to wear their own clothes in prison.

It’s not about mental illness, it’s people with zero quality of life, in pain and not gonna get any better


Some people are suggesting it for mental illness.

Either way I’m against it. New treatments might be found, new painkillers, whatever. It must be awful but I don’t think I could ever agree with the state, or definitely not some private operator, killing people

I think it’s allowing personal choice.


I respect that. I can totally see why people are for it, but it’s not for me

It’s not for you now, but I don’t feel anyone has the right to deny another person the right to choose their passing. That’d be my take on it.


That’s perfectly logical. For terminal, extremely painful illnesses I can maybe get on board with it (well, actually no, I can’t).But, there was a time in my life where I wanted to be dead. Genuinely thought it was the only thing for me. I’d probably have signed up for it were it available. I’d be concerned others may follow suit, were it available.

I think we have to be very careful with it.

Personal choice may be skewed as @Batigol has alluded to. And there is no going back.

For me, it’s for those with a physical illness, with absolutely no hope for recovery, in pain, and are well on the way to dying. This is not a solution for those with mental illness, or who are suicidal. Read the article, this is laid out quite clearly.

Mental illness can be as debilitating as physical illness. There’s so much hypocrisy about suicide prevention. Yes people are well meaning but also they just want to salve their own consciences. There’s always talk about the people left behind. Well, what about the suicidal person, maybe they’re better off, and if they were still alive, they’d be worse off. People who take their own lives in war or terrorism or via “glorious self sacrifice” get celebrated as martyrs. So why is somebody who starves themselves to death from an eating disorder or throws themselves off a building any less “brave” or worthy of adulation? Maybe we all try to attach too much meaning to life. Maybe life has no meaning. We all die in the end anyway. Life has no meaning to you then. For many people, life has no meaning when they’re alive. But if it doesn’t have meaning, there’s no point being alive.

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I saw the Louis Theroux thing on this years ago and the agents they sent out to assist with setting up seemed off.

This is probably one of those on the edge cases that people might argue shouldn’t pass threshold to allow assisted dying

Would you argue that she’d be better off be found hanging from a tree?


Life is tricky . You can’t always save people from

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It makes me very uneasy how often I see mental health services blamed for people’s suicides.

There seems to be a default reaction in society now to BLAME somebody else for things which just happen, which can’t really be prevented.


This is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen on the television. The entire show is brilliant, but this is just …