Events in the world that have happened since Tipperary last won two senior hurling All Irelands in a row

The internet
The fall of communism

*idea shamelessly stolen from another forum

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England won the Soccer Football World Cup.

Liverpool won a league title

Galway won two in a row, rahooooo


Limerick even won an AI

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This thread is in very poor taste. Not quite sure what @Locke is at here.

Slatted sheds replaced a Grove of trees.

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Kilkenny won six 2-in-a-rows and one 4-in-a-row, Cork won a 3-in-a-row & a 2-in-a-row and Galway won a 2-in-a-row.

And Dan the man got none!


It’s easy to win two in a row when you only play two games mate


We’ve only played the Duds, Awfally and Wexford. You could say we’ll only have two games this year as well.

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Limerick won a senior all Ireland hurling title

Leitrim won the Connacht senior football title

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And lost 5 finals subsequently .

:rofl::rofl::rofl: the kilkenny lads are bored this year.


They’re so not used to having August off that they’ve reverted to stealing thread ideas from premierview

3 Likes might make a comeback at this rate

Cat laughs.

Sure they’d have nothing to talk about only the starting 15 for the first league game, a bit like the Limerick thread on here actually.