Everyones opinion on here is worth the same

I’d just like to point out that everyone’s opinion is worth exactly the same on here - Nothing. If there was a poster whose opinion would be worth reading then they would be getting paid for doing so and would not be posting here.

Thank You - That is all.

Harsh, harsh but fair :frowning:

Except Dunph, his opinion is worth http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/apow/photos/mytpicons/large/lg_dollar.gif

a few big hitters will take this news badly but it had to be said i suppose.

NCC will be crushed,nice one!

I get paid for my opionions bro. Ching ching. Away and about in the diddly day.

Toor a loo toor a loo.

Wrong, Tipp posters are worth lest than nothing.

This is true
Although its a bit strange that you had to remind some of the egomaniacs that this is only the internet

I thought the internet was serious business?

You fucking changed tipper.

It was just something I noticed the last couple of weeks. Certain posters pontificating above their station and then dismissing other posters opinions.

Tupence ha’penny looking down at tuppence ha’penny and laughing.

You only noticed that now!!! Fecking hell Tipp. Forums are all about disliking people who disagree with you, and even when you agree with them, never ever say it. :smiley:

I will be making money from my opinion soon enough though, which will be great, but i’m sure will annoy alot of people, which will make the money sweeter.



I’ll send you the links when it happens Pikey, you may actually be interested.


Ah lovely :smiley:

Are you going to be giving your opinions to drunks you pick up from pubs and charge to drop home?

No, nobody from Wexford Mac, just normal people.

That’s good to know…(I think) :unsure:

By his own definition tipptops opinion is also worthless.

So even if he’s right he’s wrong.