Evidence of Communism on this forum

A thread to log examples of Communism on this forum

(Cc: of @anon7035031)

Do your worst, mate

This is your chance to be the Joe McCarthy type character you’ve always wanted to be

Throw this shit in the gulag.

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This is a great chance for the forum’s foremost biggest lunatic to prove his point

I must say it’s really nice of me to offer him this chance

It’s nice to do favours for people, if you don’t count that as communism

Rent free in his head, since 2016.

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I think somebody who has been accusing somebody else of being a communist since 2015 isn’t best placed to be saying that they’re living rent free in somebody else’s head

I despise your racism and think you’re a vile human being, that’s why I keep calling you out

That’s perfectly logical and reasonable

I’ve no problem in saying I despise you for entirely serious reasons - you’re an out and out racist who repeats every single cliched trope that racists consistently repeat

The exact same ones that Gemma O’Doherty does

And none of them have any basis in logic or reason - just naked hatred for hatred’s sake

I greatly annoy you because you think I’m a communist

First of all, communism is a legitimate political position to hold - there is nothing inherent in communism that demonises anybody on the basis of a non-chosen identity

Secondly, your obsession with this notion that I’m a communist is so utterly ludicrous as to not be worthy of reply and a dead giveaway of an irrational obsession with me

That obsession with me is self-evidently because I keep making a fool of you

Nevertheless, as I like doing favours, even for people I don’t like, I’ve given you this chance to set out your thesis

Can’t say fairer than that

Waste of time. The hard alt right aka @anon7035031, @balbec and Noel Grealish etc fundamentally don’t believe the human race has the moral capacity to believe anything matters beyond property and wealth and especially inheritance tax. They worship at the alter of Charlie McCreevey and JP in their constantly refurbished club houses and laugh aloud anyone who would dare even contemplate a more equitable little country

The ideology @anon7035031 believes in has consistently led to genocide

He should never be let forget this

The next genocide will be the worlds last one.

The communists were a deadly bunch of lads


I’m a conservative communist.



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You could’t make it up, as they say

Is that the opposite of a pseudo Gael

Something about the immigents seems to make them ultra racist altogether

A TD calling anyone else a sponger would want to have a serious word with him or herself


Rosary beads in my right hand and a sickle in my left.

Where do you keep the armalite?

Tucked into my Sam Browne belt.


I don’t expect any prizes for pointing put the obvious - the problem these people have with these African expats is their skin colour

Back on topic anyway - let’s expose this alleged communism - come on, people

I’ve given you this platform

Use it