Good luck to 28-year old Appendage, who’s sitting his Prof 3 Accountancy exams this week.

28, pah, i’ll still be doing exams til I’m 39 !!! have my last one for this year on saturday

best of luck appendage

Isnt he the one who keeps handing Puke’s arse to him?
He’ll do just fine Im sure

What an absolute loser.

They are now called CAP2s.

Go fuck yourself Tinnion.


Leave Tinnion alone.

Appendage eh? Get’s funnier every time I hear it.


Best of luck to all our members sitting exams over the next few weeks.

Hello mate, I recently sat my art history exams, could I be included in some sort of back-dated best wishes? The results are out on Monday.

I was conscious that I’m more or less too late for the college scene. But that’s a good idea of yours and so I’d also like to extend my best wishes to everyone who is waiting for exam results having already sat their papers. I hope everyone takes encouragement from Appendage who, since I made the thread opening post 2 years ago, is now a fully fledged, qualified accountant.

+1, I’d forgotten how much I hated exams until 3 weeks ago…

Best of luck to any lengthy accountants sitting exams tomorrow.

I have just experienced the full gamut of emotions only results day can bring. Obviously I passed and that was great but thoughts of what might have been still linger bitterly. I have learnt that I have finished 2nd in the class and have won the Sir John Purser Griffith and Miss Sarah Purser Prize in the History of European Painting, however I have been cruelly denied the more prestigious (and valuable) Sir John Purser Griffith and Miss Sarah Purser Scholarship in the History of European Painting. When will Limerick do any better than play the part of the gallant runner-up? Eh? :angry:

I do however extend my warm thanks to any decendants of the donors who may be present on this board for the bequests which made these prizes possible. According to Wikipedia, Sir John was a great enthusiast for boglands while Miss Sarah was a noted portrait painter. :clap:

I wish all fellow scholars every success with their upcoming results/exams.

Well done SS, an arts degree from Galway and a degree in European cartoons. The world really is your oyster now.

I won a colouring competition in the Times once. Coloured in Bosco. Won a load of crayons, pencils and paints.

Finished a year long course last night, thanks be ta fuck! Glad to see the back of the hoor. I can concentrate on the cycling, work and family now*

*In that order

Just on a point of information mate, it’s only a diploma in European cartoons.

Do you have to move onto Asterix to get the degree? :smiley:

Well done SS**, how do you plan to use this to your advantage?

Is there anything from an artistic perspective that can be done with our Ghost estates?

Aside… Any of ye ever done an MBA? Company here kinda offering to partially pay for me to do it part time but not sure I could be arsed. Seems like a lot of hassle.